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Baby car seat is the most important safety product, we help you to choose the safest car seat
The Swedish Plus test for car seats

The Swedish Plus test

The Swedish Plus Test: The toughest crash test certification on earth
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Safe travel rear facing

Rear facing is the safest way to travel, and our children, at least until the age of 4, should travel rear-facing

Rear-Facing Vs Forward-Facing

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One of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent is to keep your child safe when your child travels in a vehicle.

Find the top 5 tips for buying a car seat.

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Car Seat types and Regulations

Parents are often overwhelmed by the wide selections of brands and models available in the market.

Discover the best car seats for your children.

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Besafe izi twist b

BeSafe Izi Twist B

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Axkid One / Toddler car seat / best car seat / isofix car seat
Feng Shuang
My child loves it

I was not sure if my daughter of 4 years old still need a car seat that is rear-facing to commute safely. Sophie explained me in very detail why she shall keep traveling rear-facing. She took into consideration my family needs, and we purchased Axkid one for our main car and a booster seat for a secondary car. Now we confidently say our daughter travels safely.

 car seat UAE
Cristina Planelles Roca
The best in rear-face car seats

Safety On Board UAE has an incredible expertise on rear-face car seats. She helped me to find the perfect solution to fit 3 baby chairs in my car all rear-face. She did several trials in advance and suggested me the perfect solution.

BeSafe izi Twist B I-size / Baby car seat
Othmane Bensouda
Abu Dhabi, UAE

We have purchased the BeSafe Izi Twist B i-Size, and we are very happy with how convenient it is, easy to use and not as bulky as other car seats(which leaves a bit of space to the passenger in front). The Twist system is very convenient to put the baby in. Our newborn feels very comfortable and sleeps all the time.

As a customer, you are guided all the way from before purchasing the item, full information on the differences between car seats as well as the international car seat safety certifications which was an eye opener and made our choice way easier! And later on, with training on how to install the car seat correctly.

It definitely worth the spend and we absolutely recommend Safety On board!

BeSafe car seat
Sonia Garcia
Dubai, UAE
Fantastic and safety

Our daughter is enjoying her new BeSafe car seat and I feel happy because i know she is very safe when go by car because we usually use this brand and know the technical issues what make the car seat one of the best purchase we can make it.

We are so grateful for Safety On Board's assistance because they made everything to get the model we wanted.

Thanks for your attention and for helping us in this new country!

BeSafe izi Twist B i-Size / baby car seat / rotational car seat / newborn car seat
Abu Dhabi, UAE
We're thrilled!

As first time parents, we are overwhelmed with the amount of information coming our way about car seats and the number of options available, with Safety On Board, we were given clear guidance about what we could need once our little one arrives regarding safety and convinience. After being presented with all the informations, we were able to confidently make the decision to purchase the BeSafe Izi Twist B I-size.

Besafe Stretch / Toddler car seat
2 nice car seats for my two monkeys

Very good quality, a bit expensive but worth it. Children will be much safe on board.

BeSafe Stretch / toddler car seat / best toddler car seat
Dubai, UAE
Excellent product and service

Excellent product. Safe and comfortable for my 3 year old to continue travelling rear-facing. And its easy to install. It provides her with a lot of legroom and she can also recline to travel more comfortably. Also the service provided was excellent. I have not been able to find rear-facing car seat for toddlers anywhere in UAE except here and i am glad because the service was top quality.

safest car seat
Lucy Rae
Abu Dhabi
Safest car seats

The seat is really sturdy, comfortable for my son and also looks very nice! I am so pleased to finally have a car seat which i know its the safest option for my toddler. I also love how easily you can recline it so that he can sleep soundly in the car. A brilliant investment!

child in car seat
Exceptional Customer Service

We just moved to UAE from Finland where car seat safety is very good and i was so happy to find the BeSafe Stretch car seat here. We got very good support first with testing the lower tether straps could be installed in our car and after that also with the installation of the seats. Thank you for the exceptional customer service!